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Monday, March 2, 2009

Swaps Anyone??

I wasn't sure if any of you were interested in creating card swaps for the event. If you'd like to participate please leave a comment on this thread and I'll start a list of interested swappers!

I'll keep the requirements simple for all of you:

1) No Vendor Requirement - although I'd certainly encourage you to support any one of our numerous amazing sponsors!!

2) All swaps should be full cards, not card fronts

3) There should be a minimum of three layers, plus embellishments.

4) Please be sure to sign or handstamp your cardbacks

5) Please do your best work!

I'll start the first group with 10 swappers. Please bring 10 finished cards to the event, you'll swap with the other 9 swappers and if its okay with you, I'd love to send the 10th card from each of you to charity!

If the first group of ten fills, I'll open a second. Feel free to sign up for multiple groups if you are interested.


  1. I would love to sign up for a swap. Guess that means I will need to shope for new stuff to swap with. What? I can use what I have? Of course not!!! This REQUIRES an order. YEA!!!!

  2. I will give it a whirl...

  3. I would love to participate as well.

  4. Count me in too !


  5. this thing working? I'm in! (but only once in case this crazy thing posts this multiple times).

  6. I'd love to do some swappin' too!